Developing your website in 2016; the Google Panda WAY!

google panda way

If there was anyone who could understand the significance of adapting oneself to changes; it is perhaps the Search Engine Optimizers. Google brings changes to its site ranking factors at regular intervals. And those who can promptly adapt to these changes; survive the competition, while the rest become history.
Now, adapting to these changes is simple and the secret to this is pretty easy too. So, without much ado; let’s proceed to know the magical secrets and in the process learn how to prepare a website in 2016.

Why does Google bring in these updates that frequently?

You can expect Google updates more frequently in the coming years. The reasons behind are quite predictable.
Google aims at providing best relevant results for any query from end users and provide high quality user experience. To decide the relevancy quotient and usability, it has a complex yet efficient algorithm. As user needs and expectations change, bringing pertinent restyling in algorithm becomes crucial. Thus, we have Google updates, such as Panda and Penguin to align with.

How can you remain prepared for any update?

Google Panda update 2016
The only way to remain prepared for any update; is to be on Google’s good side. Below mentioned are some tips that can help you build a website that can land you with positive results in 2016.

Content is definitely the king:

One thing that you need to get straight, is that, quality content is one very strong SEO tool. So, do not compromise with it.
Now, providing quality content involves three essential ingredients. First, of course has to be unique and relevant information. Next is to provide images and videos and third is linking.
The latest Google Panda update was extremely successful in eliminating low quality content sites from top listings. Panda is still around and getting updated from time to time. So, if you have not got rid of these poor SEO techniques that provide mindless content to users; get started to mend your ways before it’s too late.

Page load time and navigation:

As Google aims at providing a great user experience, easy navigation and load time are two essential factors. The most recent example of easy navigation is the mobile friendly compatibility update that Google had rolled out in April 2015.
Slow loading pages are not preferred by Google, for the simple fact that it does not provide high quality user experience.

Social Media Presence:

Branding your sites on Social Media platforms is the easiest and an effective means of drawing considerable traffic to your site. Social Media links from Facebook, Twitter or Google plus can prove beneficial to your site’s ranking on Google.

Where else should you need to focus?

Once an update rolls out, site ranking should not be your only concern. In order to have a complete site optimization with regards to the change, you need to focus on some other aspects as well.
Monitoring changes in traffic per device, bounce rate, conversion rates, revenue, traffic per referrer etc., are also of equal importance that can ultimately enhance your site’s position on Google.

What to do after the update has rolled out?

Be it the Google Panda or Penguin update, every major update brings some significant changes to your website. Monitoring how these changes affect visitor interaction with site and Google functionality is essential to keep your website in a good state.
Well, this was all about Google updates and things to keep in mind while building your website this 2016; so that, it can thrive any update that Google can roll out anytime!
Yes we know that understanding Google Panda update is a tedious process and to help you out, Maximus Leads will be more than happy. So get in touch with us and leave the Panda headache to our SEO experts.