How to Use Social Media Trends for your Brand ?


The social media platforms often display Trending topics that are gaining viable attention. For any marketer who is promoting his or her business, this topic becomes an opportunity.

The optimum use of #hashtags makes it possible for brands to piggyback on these topics to gain audience attention.

Since social media is more opiniated, an opinion posts over current topic gives voice to the company or business being promoted.

We saw this on various occasions such as #ParisAttacks, the more recent #BrusselAttack, #earthquakes and the works.

Facebook and Twitter seem to idle fit for the optimum use of trending topics. With LinkedIn however one would require to be in the group of network to receive updates as to which industry is talking about which topic.

Google has a more simplistic and classic approach, where you can look up Google trends to see which topic is trending and also gives you the freedom to select your keyword and it will give you geographical bifurcation of the same.

Companies that are using Social Media optimisation must make use of such topics along with their paid campaigns. A brief mention in the Blog section of their websites also has sufficient value.

Social Media Trends are created when an offline events gathers necessary online interactions and reactions. Making use of a trending topic depicts the use of dynamic digital marketing strategy by an active team which is much better than feeding your post in schedulers such as Hootsuite and buffer.
Smaller enterprises that depend only on Social Media for their Lead generation often times tend to ignore Trends and only focus on their product promotions. These trending topics create a leverage for the brand to enhance their empathetic and humane side.