Why is it necessary to preserve your SEO Ranking?


Once your website has ranked on the first page of Google; most business owners come to a conclusion that they no longer need to invest in SEO activities. Whereas the truth is that a first page rank on Google is as vulnerable as the current stock market. Anything can happen!!
Your competitors are aping your strategy in the background and working tremendously hard to be on your spot. With aggressive submissions and continuous SEO activities anyone can make it to the first page of Google. The challenge is to stay there.
When you overlook or undermine your SEO activities it gives an opportunity to your competitors. Google starts giving the active websites more weightage. This eventually hampers your business operations.
A business owner can opt for maintenance of SEO when they have achieved the first page rank on Google for a particular keyword meanwhile addressing his other keywords or products and services that you offer to your final customers.
When the business is looking stable because of SEO it’s time to expand your social image and re enforcing your Brand.

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