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LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Nurturing Campaign and Content Marketing

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional site. It has valuable assets that can become pivotal in nurturing relationships and lead generation.
LinkedIn Nurturing and Content Marketing services when clubbed together become a powerful combination to attract valuable relationship with current and prospective leads.
Maximus Leads follows Josh Turner’s “Connect - The LinkedIn Playbook” essentials to run organic campaigns that ensures that LinkedIn guidelines are followed.

Linkdln Marketing

LinkedIn offers various spaces such as Pulse, Groups, Image Sharing options, Company Page, Showcase Pages, messaging and In Mails to post interesting content that can lead to engagement from the targeted profile audience.

LinkedIn Nurturing Involves inviting people of a specific geography, seniority, age or company or industry specific audience. And interacting with these people over a large thread of organic messages.

The concept of familiarity is deeply understood and depicted in the thread of messages sent to each prospective profile.

Maximus Leads houses LinkedIn Experts who have designed and delivered LinkedIn Nurturing and Content Marketing Campaigns for many of our domestic and international clients.

Our LinkedIn process is tightened to avoid any loopholes and multiple LinkedIn Campaigns can be run simultaneously while marking the maturity of each campaign.

Our LinkedIn Messaging and Nurturing Campaign also entails Flash Reporting, where clients are notified instantly as soon as a lead shows interest in having a conversation.

LinkedIn Nurturing and Content Marketing can be further be integrated with client existing CRM and Mass Mailing softwares.

For the B2B Community, LinkedIn is one of the main channels of Lead Capturing and Lead Nurturing. We at Maximus Leads provide in-depth Lead Engagement content management systems that enhance engagement with prospects and build valuable strategic partnerships across various industry verticals.

LinkedIn Nurturing Campaign and Content Marketing

  • LinkedIn Profile Building
  • Creating and Maintaining Company Page
  • Joining Relevant Groups
  • Posting Content on Company Pages
  • Posting Content on Groups
  • Posting of Thought Leadership blogs and articles on LinkedIn for Engagement.
  • First Connect Invitation to the Senior Level Management
  • Sending Messages to LinkedIn contacts
  • Message Campaign Management
  • Running Several LinkedIn Organic (read free) Campaigns simultaneously
  • CRM Integration
  • E Mail Campaign to LinkedIn Contacts
Content Marketing

Content plays an integral role in any online marketing sphere. Content Marketing on LinkedIn is not limited to content writing but a graphical display and depiction of one’s expertise on the subject matter.

Keeping in mind LinkedIn’s audience which primarily consists of professionals who prefer reading various opinions on a certain subjects, specific content is specifically crafted for such an audience.

Industry specific articles with graphs and charts, how to infographs, life cycle infographs, featured posts, surveys and press releases are created by the content marketing experts of Maximus Leads keeping in mind the interests of prospective readers.

Research is the most undervalued aspect of Content Development. However, Maximus Leads invests in research and development team to give specific details regarding content creation for each client. This insight is then shared with clients and a strategy plan is composed.

A dedicated account manager is assigned to each client for content delivery and LinkedIn activities.

    Press Releases:-

    • Topic Selection: Press Releases are ideally used to announce a news or an upgraded feature of the company in focus.
      For Example: Launches customized/ Scalable services for Ecommerce Ventures; Company expands operations with 2 new offices, etc.
    • Language Used: Press Releases are usually done on third party sites, using a third part voice,
    • Platform Third Party Sites: These sites are paid as well as free. The paid sites have a wider distribution network and we can select the geographies we would like to focus on. In terms of readers and backlinks they generate in terms of SEO, they are preferred by many companies. However there are many free sites as well.
    • Repository: Website, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Groups, Email


      Infographs are an ideal mix of using image and text in a graphical story format that help in capturing attention of the target audience.

      Types of Infographs :-

      • Timeline
      • How To
      • Mixed Charts
      • Single Chart/ Growth Chart
      • Process
      • Location

    Survey Posts:-

      Surveys are extremely engaging type of Content as they focus on issues faced by people. They become a major standpoint for creating internal strategies based on research and findings of the surveys. However there is drawback, that due to shortage of time, people choose not to fill the survey forms or may choose not to disclose their problems.

    • Platform: Survey Monkey, Type forms, we opt for the free account until we have a lot of traffic and many participants who have opted to fill our surveys.

    Featured Posts:-

      The ideology to use Featured Posts is to give a credit to Accounting Heroes. These posts are not promotional in nature however are very educative and attract a larger audience to our website.

    • Platforms: Website, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Groups, and email.
Advantages of LinkedIn Nurturing and Content Marketing Plan
  • Cost Effective
  • Reaching to Large Mass of Target Audience in limited time
  • Lead Generation
  • Less Maintenance
  • Transparent Process using LinkedIn Tagging
  • Easily measurable Return on Investment(ROI)
  • Branding and Engagement to Target Audience
  • Real time results can be viewed
  • From planning to execution, each step can be monitored.
  • Personal connect your prospective clients.
  • You can find, reach and engage with interested audience.
  • Expand Target Location Geographically
  • You can build your business reputation by positive feedback's of satisfied customers
  • Display Thought Leadership or Subject Matter Expertise
  • KPI Reporting

LinkedIn Nurturing and Content Marketing Campaigns are created in line with all LinkedIn rules. A Quality Control Team ensures that all LinkedIn Guidelines are followed at all stages of the campaign. All parameters such as LinkedIn Profile, Profile picture, company page, showcase page, number of invites sent per week, number of messages sent are all controlled by the Quality Control Team at Maximus Leads.

LinkedIn Nurturing and Content Marketing Campaigns are designed to perfection, so that multiple campaigns can run simultaneously in a month. Maximus Leads using LinkedIn Tagging Process as well as continuous reviews of campaigns by clients are encouraged, to make the process as transparent as possible. At any given time a LinkedIn profile can be overviewed via the LinkedIn Tagging Process and understand at what level of communication that profile stands.