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Mobile- What comes to your mind when we first say this word? Today, we have entered a technological era, wherein smart phones, laptops, tablets and other smart devices have totally taken over the minds and our lives. We are living technology at every juncture of life. Let’s face it- there isn’t a scope of going back now! It is now that every business- whether small, medium or large- needs to conceptualize the plan or business model in such a way, that it leads to maximum sales. But how can this be done; especially if the budget remains a constraint?

Enters Maximum Leads!

With the popularity of Mobile Marketing, a myriad of companies are reaching out to us for getting hold of this popular advertising & marketing method. Mobile marketing is the best possible method of reaching out the potential customers.

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Why opt for mobile marketing in today’s time?

  • A very popular method
  • Reach out to your customer easily and rapidly
  • The fastest and convenient way for organizations to send ads, promotional voice and text messages on customers’ cell phones
  • Connect with your customers
  • Launch a mobile marketing campaign
  • Gain more exposure
What about the DND activation?

DND or Do Not Disturb is the message that a user can send to a given number so as to unsubscribe from receiving your promotional messages. As per the terms, rules & regulations, sending messages to DND customers may red list your company as a spam.
When you choose Maximum Leads, we ensure that those with DND activated are not spammed as per the TRAI rules.

Why choose Maximum Leads?
  • We deliver a uniquely tailored mobile strategy
  • Choose our vivid services from mobile campaign design and development to audience profiling
  • Get faster delivery and reporting
  • Our experts design limited space mobile ads with effective content and keywords
  • You receive maximum coverage at affordable prices with our services

Mobile marketing has become the need of the hour. It is absolutely important for any company to ensure that no means of advertising or vehicle of marketing is left untouched.

In order to make an impact over the customers and reach out to them directly, mobile marketing is required. One need to have a personal connect with the audience and e-mail and mobile marketing is the key to that.