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Why SEO aspects are important –

Search Engine Optimization or SEO has emerged as the standard procedure or rules that need to be followed by website owners to optimize their websites for search engines thereby improving their search engine rankings. By following the SEO rules and regulations or guidelines website owners gets the benefit of increasing their quality of websites by making them user friendly, faster and easy to navigate for the users or customers who are interested in knowing about the products or services being offered by these website owners.

An important aspect of SEO is to make the website easy to be understood by search engine. However, search engine robots are not capable of logical thinking as normal human beings can. Therefore, SEO helps these search engine robots to figure out what each page is about and how a particular website or webpage is helpful for the final users. Therefore, it is important for website owners as well as SEO service providers to understand the abilities and limitations of search engines through proper study of SEO guidelines or rules that would help them in annotating websites that search engines can understand.

Stages of SEO

SEO is not a static process but it is evolving every other day with search engines having refined algorithms along with their evolution that began in during mid 1990’s. For simplicity or in narrower terms, SEO guidelines can be broken down to two main stages.

Onsite SEO – Onsite SEO involves knowing about the rules to apply in making a particular website search engine friendly and it involves placing emphasis on website structure such as which pages should not be missed, navigation and URL factors etc.

Off-site SEO – Offsite SEO rules or techniques involve the website promotion so that the concerned website ranks hire in Search Engine Result Pages or SERPs. These offsite SEO methods involve link building, creating good quality content, indulging in internet marketing campaigns, keyword strategy, multi channel optimization etc.

Importance of Google webmaster guidelines –

Google is the major search engine that majority of websites would like to be ranked and SEO techniques are highly tuned as per the dominant search engines in the target market, which is Google with about two trillion searches per year as per the latest data released by Google.

This means that by implementing the webmaster guidelines provided by Google would help website owners to have Google friendly site that would help in maintaining high search position over an extended period.

Website analysis and its importance-

Website analysis is a procedure or technique to sort out technical error in websites that can not only affect the viewership but also bring down the ranking of the website. There are various software tools available that can be used by optimizers for website analysis and these include Alexa, BizShark, Website Grader, Feedcompare etc.

Thus, it can be said that by adhering to SEO guidelines sincerely, website owners can reap benefits in the form of higher ranking leading to more leads converting into customers or clients.

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